Make yourself comfortable with Annex IV Reporting.

With our Annex IV reporting solution you ensure compliance in an easy way. Handle your reporting duties for up to 30 different countries via one single data feed.

Automate AIF reports

It’s time to automate the reporting and production of your AIF reports.

Annex IV automates the reporting and production of the AIF reports across all EU member states and in markets which have adopted the AIFMD regime.

Enjoy the extremely cost-efficient end-to-end workflow for managing all your AIFMD reporting. From the data you import automatically, through to the calculations, data monitoring, validation checks and of course the production and filing of your reports.

Compliant for sure: What Annex IV does for you automatically, is hardly manageable manually.

Validation check of reports for compliance with ESMA rules? Automated! Validation check of the reports for compliance with NCA specific requirements? Automated! Plus: Annex IV monitors and adjusts to all regulatory changes (at EU and NCA level).

Monitor every step.

The capturing, onboarding and processing of your data goes quickly, securely and easily. And you can monitor the completion of every step in the production of your Annex IV reports.


Never before it has been easier to cover such a complex reporting obligation.

Are you ready to switch? Of course you are.

Go ahead,
take full control.