How Proventus Capital Management AB saves time and money within their Annex IV reporting process

About Proventus

Proventus Capital Management AB is a Nordic Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) active in the European market. They manage the Proventus Capital Partners Funds which provide tailor made credit funding facilities to European midsized companies. Before the company became a separate legal entity and organization, they were part of a family owned, privately held investment company named Proventus AB that has been active in Nordic and other European capital markets for 50 years. Proventus Capital Management AB grew from having to report 5 AIF’s twice a year, to reporting 8 AIF’s quarterly. For this case, we spoke to Martin Alm, CFO at Proventus Capital Management AB.

The AIFMD Annex IV reporting challenge

As the new regulations for AIFMD Annex IV reporting were set by the regulator, they didn’t have the internal set-up or capabilities to do the AIFMD annex IV reporting. The old solution was soaking up too much time as they had to input all their fund information manually into a web browser in order to create the AIFMD reporting XML. They wanted a system in which as many things are automated to save time.

The solution

Now, Alm simply links his existing Excel documents to the Annex IV reporting template from Matterhorn. No rekeying of data. In the beginning it took some time to set up the template with static information about the fund, but once that was done it worked as an automated solution, filling in the right numbers for you. The automated validation and consistency checks made sure the data was correct. Instead of spending days doing the AIFMD Annex IV reporting, Alm now spends a couple of hours.

The result

Alm managed to cut down on the time needed to do the AIFMD Annex IV reporting. “First I did everything manually which was extremely tedious work with a high risk of errors. Now I’m doing everything automated and fairly quick.” He reduced the risk of incorrect data because the fields in the AIFMD Annex IV are validated, and the template is always up-to-date. Matterhorn’s AIFMD Annex IV reporting template signals alerts when something is wrong, reducing the risk of errors with every submission. It’s also in line with the costs of the old solution. The difference is that the Annex IV reporting template is an automated solution that saves Alm days of valuable time.

“I think my reporting is better now than it was before. I’m more confident that we are following the latest regulations, and I’m not worried about getting reprimands from the regulator.”

Why the software of Matterhorn

“The system that’s creating the AIFMD reporting XML needs to know all the validation rules from the regulator in order to create the correct XML, otherwise the Annex IV reporting requirements are not met, and the file is not going to be accepted. Since you tend not to have too much time between having your numbers ready and the AIFMD reporting deadline, you are in danger of running late.”

“It’s great to see what the application thinks I should fill into each cell. For people not so familiar with the AIFMD Annex IV reporting, it’s very helpful to see what they suggest.”

Matterhorn and ComplianceWise, a powerful combination for the Luxembourg market

Cases like the one of Proventus is why ComplianceWise is partnering with Matterhorn!  In this combination ComplianceWise is using Top Notch AnnexIV reporting software to service all AIFM’s in Luxemburg. If you need the software only or if you want to have a full service model, ComplianceWise is there to support you. Please feel free to reach out for a free trail.