“With Grub, compliance with the Wwft is central, structured and demonstrable.”

Frans Straver of Accountantskantoor Straver about the Wwft and about Grub. He has had his own accountants office in Krimpen aan de Ijssel for 23 years, and focuses mainly on large SMEs. Many accountants who have had their own practice for so long and therefore say that they know their clients well, see the Wwft as distant: “I've known my clients for so long, I believe that all. Frans Straver, owner of Accountantskantoor Straver, sees things differently.
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“You should see it this way: because I have known my clients for so long, assist them and trust them, I owe them an obligation to objectify and properly document Wwft decisions. So that I can show third parties that everything is running properly. That is also in favor of my customers. And besides, be honest, of course you can also get blind spots if you have such long relationships with your customers. And it is very simple: compliance with the Wwft is simply a legal obligation. ”

It is seen by many accountants as a very difficult obligation.

“Yes, the tangle of rules is somewhat opaque, which makes it particularly difficult to visualize and properly document all your decisions, from the arrival of a customer and throughout the customer relationship. There are quite a few pitfalls. ”

Why Grub?

“Yes. Before this I worked with Afas and with Caseware, but that did not work in a sufficiently structured way, and I missed the total overview. In addition, I was unable to retrieve data, and there was no public information check. All things that Grub has integrated by default.

The great thing about Grub is that you know exactly what you have to meet, that it helps you and makes it easy to do it well, and that you therefore show that you are doing it right. With Grub, compliance with the Wwft is central, structured and demonstrable. ”

Plus the release of Monitoring soon?

“Yes, that is also one of the reasons why I switched: being able to monitor customers, without having to do continuous research yourself. Will save a lot of time and worry. ”

An accountant told us, “Given our gatekeeper role, any decent firm should use Grub.”
“Well said, but that’s a bit pretentious.”

But Grub makes sure that you can say with confidence: let the regulator come?
“Yes absolutely! But I would rather they stay away. ”