We choose our partner carefully.

We team up with people and companies who share our same beliefs and values about ethics, compliance and compliance solutions.

Compliance solutions

Yenlo is an integration specialist in API management, integration technology and Identity Management. Yenlo’s specialists provide links between CRM/ERP systems and the Wwft software Grub.

Company.info cooperation

Company.info provides Grub Intelligent Business and compliance data, and gives direct access to various essential public sources.


Dutch industry association of accountants and administrative offices.

Hertoghs advocaten

Law firm at the intersection of fiscal procedural law and criminal law.

SRA helpt accountantskantoren

SRA is a network organisation of almost 370 independent accountancy firms with 900 locations in the Netherlands. With practical and strategic support, SRA strengthens the business operations of its member firms. By bundling knowledge and experience, SRA offices can provide optimum help and advice to entrepreneurs.

At Simplicate, they believe that streamlined business operations contribute to your success. Their CRM and project software offers a refreshing and proven solution that seamlessly merges your business processes from quotation to invoice into one efficient flow.