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About our webinars

Accountancy partnerwebinars

How do my industry association’s policies fit into Grub? Every month, we join forces with knowledge partners.

These can be branche organisations for accountants, such as Novak or SRA. But also quartermasters themselves. The guest speakers speak from their own experience and often know how to appeal to the perceptions of accountants, tax consultants and administration professionals.

You will get answers in these webinars on how to be efficiently compliant. Tips and information from accountants, for accountants.

Compliance en wwft kenniswebinar voor SRA-leden

Wwft knowledgewebinars

Want to know more about AML-regulations, the KYC-process and how to efficiently digitise your compliance process as an accountant?

The volume of AML-regulations is only increasing. As a result, it is difficult to keep up with all the changes. Our in-house compliance experts therefore provide insight and explanations on the Wwft. In these webinars, you will get answers to the questions:

Which AML-risks should you check for?
How do you record all this information?
What should you do in case of an audit by the regulator?

Grub productwebinars​

How do you set up Grub optimally for your office? How do you put together your (own) risk policy? What is the advantage of Grub Premium? How do new functionalities work?

Our own onboarding specialists and provide answers, insights and explanations on various functionalities of Grub. These webinars are suitable both for existing customers and interested parties who have already requested a free trial or demo.

Featuring various guest speakers, including: Ver.iD (on ID wallets),
WebIQ (on AI and negative media search) and well-known (accounting) software vendors.