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A large majority of accountants consider money laundering a major problem, but they themselves do not have the Wwft in order.

The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft) has been a hot topic among accountants, administration and tax offices for some time now. But no matter how “hot” it may be, for many of them it remains a bit unclear, inscrutable, even vague: “What exactly is expected of us?” That does not feel good. Reason for us to put five questions to 466 accountants: about how they see the seriousness and necessity of the Wwft, and what that means for their practice.

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“With Grub, compliance with the Wwft is central, structured and demonstrable.”

Frans Straver of Accountantskantoor Straver about the Wwft and about Grub.

He has had his own accountants office in Krimpen aan de Ijssel for 23 years, and focuses mainly on large SMEs. Many accountants who have had their own practice for so long and therefore say that they know their clients well, see the Wwft as distant: “I’ve known my clients for so long, I believe that all. Frans Straver, owner of Accountantskantoor Straver, sees things differently.

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The Wwft solution for accountants had to be thorough, easy, demonstrable and future-proof.

Everything was different this summer. When you looked outside it seemed as if the world stood still. This was certainly not the case internally at ComplianceWise. With Grub, we launched the first and only Compliance solution with which accountants fully and demonstrably comply with the Wwft. The number of accountants and administrative offices already using Grub is overwhelming, and the feedback from users and experts is delightful. But where does Grub actually come from, and what makes Grub so different from other Wwft tools?

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The Financial Supervision Bureau comes by, what now?

The number of BFT visits to accountants and administration offices is rising sharply. ComplianceWise asked Charles van der Voort, formerly a Public Prosecutor, now a lawyer at VOI Advocaten in Breda, about his vision on the question: what are the do’s and don’ts when the BFT comes along? And what if the BFT finds that the Wwft has not been complied with?

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