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Opt for efficient and high quality registration through digital verification

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A copy of an ID by e-mail is a thing of the past

Financial services companies spend a lot of time verifying new and existing customers. But what if your customer can verify themselves digitally?

Grub e-Verification in 3 steps:

  • Verification link per e-mail

    Your customer receives an e-mail containing a personalised verification link from Grub that leads to a web page.

  • Scan QR code with the Identityapp

    Your customer can choose to upload manually or identify digitally with an identity app (Yivi). The e-verification starts when the QR is scanned.

  • Verification in Grub

    You see the verified and checked data reflected in the appropriate client file within your Grub environment. And click 'agree'.

Benefits of digital verification

  • Secure, GDPR or AVG proof data extraction and storage.
  • A comfortable way of onboarding for you and the client.
  • Relief of pressure on the client acceptance and KYC process.

Safe, accurate and time-saving

It goes without saying that when a client identifies himself digitally, it saves a huge amount of time in the onboarding or KYC process. It is convenient for both the accountant and the client that there is no need to email back and forth.

In addition, with the use of an identity app, there is no chance of human error (such as typing errors or incorrect linking of data). This is because the data comes directly from the municipal registration and is linked by Grub to the correct client file.

And last, but not least. Data sharing is a tricky issue in this day and age. How secure is your mailbox? Where do you store client data AVG proof? How long do you store them? And from the customer’s point of view: What do you want to share and what not? With Grub e-Verify, you only request the necessary data, nothing more.

What makes Grub e-Verification unique

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By involving your customer in the customer acceptance, KYC or onboarding process, you share the responsibility for the correct and timely delivery of data.

This reduces the pressure on compliance.

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Safely share data

Your customer decides which data will be shared, for example the CoC extract, but not the photo on the driving licence.

This gives your customer more control over personal data.

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Link with e-ID

Digital identification and verification with an e-ID wallet is already possible at several government and healthcare institutions.

Grub is the first to offer e-ID wallet Yivi for financial service providers.

Hoe gaat digitale identificatie en verificatie met een app?

Identityapp Yivi

Currently, Grub only links to Yivi’s identity app, also known as e-ID wallet. Yivi is managed and developed by SIDN, they have been the organisation behind the .nl domain for more than 25 years. This online identification app is also accepted by several healthcare institutions, municipalities and other government agencies as a form of digital ID verification.

Grub e-Verify is free to use until 31 December 2023
(After that, you pay a surcharge of 75 cents per file)