Grub e-Verification for a secure and efficient KYC process

Individuals and businesses can now digitally verify their identity with their accountant through Grub ComplianceWise and Yivi.
Grub e-verification wallet ID wallet


Amsterdam, September 13, 2023Individuals and companies can now digitally verify their identity with their accountant. At least, if they use the compliance software Grub. With the new Grub e-Verification functionality, financial service providers now no longer need to request a “copy ID” from their clients. A digital improvement to the KYC and onboarding process.

Christiaan Dappers, CEO of ComplianceWise: “Financial service providers must comply with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (AML). In which the GDPR requires that only necessary data be requested and recorded. Therefore, in Grub it is possible to onboard customers via Grub e-Verification, so you can easily comply with both regulations.”

More control over data sharing
Clients of accountants can digitally identify themselves and verify data with the digital ID Yivi. Yivi is an identity app that lets you securely share data and prove who you are. Without sharing too much about yourself. This gives you more control over your data as an end user. Moreover, it is more specific and secure than a copy by mail. The integration of Yivi into compliance software Grub, is provided by Ver.iD.

Peter Eikelboom, business developer at Yivi (managed by SIDN): “The indispensability of an ID app is a sum of developments: with all the forms and passwords you fill in everywhere, the need for control and convenience arises. For sharing data, you only want to have to click ‘agree’. It gives less work, less chance of human error and, above all, is more secure.”

Safer through e-verification
At the European level, there is a need for a European digital identity to increase security and convenience for citizens. Thus, under the supervision of the European Commission, several pilots are running around identity wallets. Yivi is participating in several pilots.

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) also states that a digital identity can drastically facilitate customer identification and verification, reducing the (administrative) burden for institutions and customers. However, they do stipulate as a condition that the underlying Wwft compliance processes are in order, that the IT infrastructure is reliable and that the quality and availability of data are guaranteed.

Grub e-Verification
Grub e-Verification is a new functionality of AML SaaS solution Grub. Grub was developed in 2019 by Amsterdam-based software company ComplianceWise. More than 400 accounting firms and financial service providers with a combined total of about 50,000 clients use Grub.

About Yivi
Yivi is an identity app that allows you to easily and securely log in, share data and prove who you are. Yivi is managed and developed by organization SIDN. SIDN has managed the .nl domain for more than 25 years. Every time you type in a .nl URL-address, SIDN makes sure you end up at the right site. They also offer security and login solutions, including SIDN Merkbewaking and Yivi.