Partnership | SRA and Grub join forces

SRA is an independent network organization of independent accounting firms and works with Grub ComplianceWise's wwft tool.
SRA accountants en Grub ComplianceWise wwft software samenwerking

As of today, Grub is included in the compliance offerings of industry organization SRA. SRA is an independent network organization of more than 370 independent accounting firms with 900 branches in the Netherlands. Like Grub, they support accounting firms with up-to-date knowledge and practical products.

The partnership will be announced with knowledge webinars for SRA members (Non-SRA members can also register for this.) Speakers are Harold Kinds, lecturer in Tax Audit Technology at Erasmus University Rotterdam and affiliated with SRA. And Christiaan Dappers, CEO and founder of Grub, ComplianceWise.

In the webinar, Harold and Christiaan answer the question: how can SRA accountants digitize the process of client and assignment acceptance? The AML aspects will of course be discussed, the SIRA will be discussed and the participants will be included in considerations regarding risk and integrity assessment.

Benefit SRA members

SRA has established various work programs for its members. For example, for audit, review and composition work. Based on control questions and documented decisions, the program leads step by step to an efficient and effective workflow. These questions are now digitized and included within Grub. Whereby, as an SRA member and Grub user, you have this information bundled into one digital workflow.

With Grub combined with the work programs and tools of the SRA, compliance definitely becomes a lot easier. Learn more: