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Grub’s premium features e-Verification and Risk Safety Net make your AML process even easier. Save time on verifying clients and manually Googling for AML risks.

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*By agreeing to the addition of these functionalities, the fee per file will be increased by 75 cents from January 2024.

3 reasons why customers choose
Grub Premium's e-Verification:

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Self-onboarding by customer

By involving your customer in the customer acceptance, KYC or onboarding process, you share the responsibility for the correct and timely delivery of data.

This reduces the pressure on compliance.

AML compliant

Secure data sharing (AVG)

Your customer decides which data will be shared, for example the CoC extract, but not the photo on the driving licence.

This gives your customer more control over personal data.

Hoe gaat digitale identificatie en verificatie met een app?

Link with e-ID

Digital identification and verification with an e-ID wallet is already possible at several government and healthcare institutions. And now also for financial service providers.

Get your office ready for the future.

Advantages of Grub Premium feature:
Risk Safety Net

  • Full media check

    Within seconds, Grub Risk Vangnet searches the entire web for more than 20,000 fraud-related keywords on potential integrity risks.

  • Open Source Intelligence

    Globally recognised Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) from Web-IQ combined with the AML knowledge of ComplianceWise's specialists ensure you haven't overlooked anything.

  • Only relevant results

    View only relevant results, without duplicates and 'false positives'. Then select the risk level that suits your policy. We search automatically, you determine the documentation.

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Grub Premium is the new standard for 2024

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