Grub, for optimal control of your SIRA process

As an accounting firm, you need to make integrity risks manageable. Something that is impossible without the right tools. This is why we have developed a unique approach. In cooperation with our SIRA expert, we ensure that you recognise and manage integrity risks within one week.

Your entire SIRA policy correctly & demonstrably established

With the help of our SIRA expert and Grub, you comply with AML regulations, WTA and the highest standards. This makes our solution popular with compliance professionals, industry associations and regulators.

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Download: Paper implementation SIRA with Grub

In a clear paper, we explain how you can work towards an optimal SIRA process. A process with which you prepare your accounting firm for the future.

Implementation of the Systematic Integrity Risk Assessment (SIRA):

  • 1. Risk identification

    The purpose of the SIRA is explained to a team. The scenarios that might occur within your office are then identified.

  • 2. Risk analysis

    After identifying potential integrity risks, the impact of the various risks on the office is determined.

  • 3. Risk management

    Control measures are defined for the defined scenarios and it is determined which risks are not acceptable for your office.

  • 4. Monitoring

    The established policy is recorded in Grub. At client and assignment level, you can then easily test for scenarios arising.

  • Review

    Periodically, the roadmap shown above is repeated. Here, you have the choice whether or not to use our SIRA expert.

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Mapping all integrity risks at office, client and assignment level

Using our SIRA experts & Grub application, we implement SIRA within one week. This gives your office its own policy where you test relevant integrity risks in the office.

Experience for yourself how Grub can help you.

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