Holland Capital invests in ComplianceWise

Amsterdam, 6 September 2022 – Investment company Holland Capital provides growth finance to ComplianceWise, a SaaS company that offers solutions to financial institutions and service providers such as accountants and tax advisors. These partners deal with growing challenges of countering money laundering while complying with the Wwft (Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Act). This investment will be used for further development of the product portfolio and to realize international growth ambitions.

Integrity of the financial system
The requirements imposed on financial service providers by the Wwft are becoming increasingly stringent. These often complex regulations and guidelines increase the pressure on financial service providers such as accounting- and administration firms, tax consultants and lawyers.

ComplianceWise offers customers smart SAAS-solutions which allow them to fully, easily and demonstrably comply with the Wwft. ComplianceWise thus gives them a ‘license to operate’ and enables users to work efficiently and effectively.

Investment for growth

Holland Capital’s investment will be used to further develop the product portfolio and to achieve the stated growth ambitions.

Christiaan Dappers, CEO and founder of ComplianceWise: “We are looking forward to working with Holland Capital. We have known Holland Capital for a while now. Their knowledge, people and unique way of working have impressed us. With Holland Capital as our new partner, we are convinced that we can develop ComplianceWise into the lead player in the compliance market in Europe”.

Jorg van der Heijden, partner Holland Capital: “Our investment in ComplianceWise underlines the growing social importance of the Wwft and the added value of software solutions that assist in its implementation. We are excited about the opportunities we see in working with the ComplianceWise team.”

About ComplianceWise

ComplianceWise was founded in 2013, with offices in Amsterdam and Luxembourg, the team operates in three countries and serves over 400 customers. The customer base includes accountants, administration firms, banks and trust companies. The product portfolio consists of three SaaS solutions, all focused on Wwft compliance: Grub, CW360 and Annex IV.

About Holland Capital

Over the past 40 years, Holland Capital has responsibly and successfully invested in over more than 150 SME-companies. With a clear investment strategy Holland Capital is active in the attractive growth markets of Healthcare and Technology. Holland Capital’s experienced and committed investment team understand entrepreneurship. They aim to establish an open, sustainable, and professional relationship with the companies they invest in, with the common goal of achieving growth. Holland Capital is backed by a broad network of successful Healthcare and Technology entrepreneurs.