New feature Risk Safety Net by software vendor ComplianceWise eases AML headaches

Amsterdam, 19 April 2023 – Software vendor ComplianceWise is seeing workloads and costs increase in compliance. From 25 April, the Amsterdam-based scale-up, in collaboration with internet intelligence agency WeB-IQ, will launch a digital solution for screening and monitoring client files for money laundering and fraud. It is a new feature within the software-as-a-relief compliance solution Grub and will be named: Grub Risk Safety Net.

“With the Grub Risk Safety Net, you complete a full web check, so you never have to endlessly Google for possible risks again,” said Christiaan Dappers, CEO and founder of ComplianceWise and Grub, “We want to use this to save time and, above all, provide peace of mind.”

Full web check
The new feature searches for all terms that can mark a customer file as a risk. Both by person and company. From money laundering to fraud. Relevant search results can be rated by the user by risk level and added to the relevant customer file.

Daniel Boelen, Business Development Director at WeB-IQ: “Unlike standard ‘negative media’ services, our Internet Risk Engine offers a smart and lightning-fast ‘real-time’ online screening that produces fewer false positives than using search engines like Google or Bing. The added value of the Internet as a structured dataset is self-evident, especially in relation to SMEs and local PEPs.”

Integrity in business operations
Christiaan Dappers, ComplianceWise: “It is increasingly important for accountants to get to know their clients and identify integrity risks. Not only because the audits. But also because a company, the management, the employees and the clients benefit from conducting business with integrity.”

Available at the end of April
The feature has been developed in partnership with internet intelligence agency WeB-IQ and will be available to existing and new users of the Grub software product from 25 April. On 25 April, both parties will be giving a knowledge webinar for all accounting offices who are interested in it.

Registration is free ( go the webinar page), the spoken language is Dutch.

About ComplianceWise
ComplianceWise was founded in 2013 by Christiaan Dappers and offers multiple compliance SaaS solutions, including AML solution Grub. In September 2022, Holland Capital did an investment in the software company, allowing it to further focus on growth in the Netherlands and abroad. 

About WeB-IQ
Web-IQ works with various law enforcement organisations and companies in more than 34 countries worldwide. To fight online child abuse, human trafficking, and fraud, they provide best-in-class open-source intelligence (OSINT). Web-IQ works with the financial and insurance sectors by improving the detection of fraud, money laundering and other forms of financial crime.