The Wwft solution for accountants had to be thorough, easy, demonstrable and future-proof.

Everything was different this summer. When you looked outside it seemed as if the world stood still. This was certainly not the case internally at ComplianceWise. With Grub, we launched the first and only Compliance solution with which accountants fully and demonstrably comply with the Wwft. The number of accountants and administrative offices already using Grub is overwhelming, and the feedback from users and experts is delightful. But where does Grub actually come from, and what makes Grub so different from other Wwft tools?

“Even Grubben” is Grub’s slogan. But where does Grub actually come from, and why should we have to Grub? To start with the first question: Grub is a solution from ComplianceWise. And ComplianceWise, as the word says, is a company that wants to help banks and financial institutions to easily and demonstrably comply with compliance rules. Wasn’t that easy then? No, it was almost impossible. Yes, that is quite strange, the fact that every year a tangle of rules, guidelines and rules of the game are devised and developed, but that those for whom all those rules are intended are not helped with first of all information (‘Hey please, there is another new wave of rules’), let alone helping them to comply with them relatively easily.

Did you know that ComplianceWise was created for that reason? Christiaan Dappers, lawyer, now CEO of ComplianceWise, once worked at a Trust Office, “With debtors, creditors” he always says. And besides the fact that it was pretty boring, there were also more and more laws and obligations in the field of compliance from the government and the regulator. So much and so complicated that it was extremely difficult to be the best boy in class. I write it jokingly, but the fact is that Christiaan was literally disappointed that he wanted to help make it all according to the compliance rules, but that it was impossible. The fierce criticism of Trust Offices, as if they flouted the rules, was therefore not justified: “I worked my monkey Lazarus to do it all well, but you could hardly do it right, and you didn’t get any. authority some help to be able to do it properly ”.

And there was another thing: Argentina. Christiaan had been in Argentina, had lived there, and there he saw how during the reign of Christina Kirchner (“Seńora Botox”) corruption, money laundering, fraud was commonplace, the most normal thing in the world. But with major consequences: the people had become so exhausted by it, it was so deeply intertwined in government and business that the citizens were dispirited to accept it, and hop on: another bankruptcy for their country. And a total lack of confidence of citizens in the government, in the financial institutions, and greater: in the ethical functioning of society. Christiaan saw this as disastrous. And the sum of his experiences made him decide: I am going to start a company that will contribute to an ethical society, to companies and institutions that function with integrity, starting (logically from his background) in the financial and related sectors. And how did he want to contribute to that? Very simple by making “becoming and being honest” simple for these companies, by making “being compliant” doable, thus helping to comply with the compliance rules relatively easily. In addition, a number of things were important to him:

1) it had to be thorough, so not a bit too much, overlooking some rules here and there, some piece of string questionnaires or half-baked checklists, no it had to be watertight, complete and complete, no rule, no guideline, no law missing, everything covered because only then can you be sure that you are really compliant, professional, honest and 100% satisfies.

2) it had to be easy. Now, easy is always a relative term and there are accountants who now tell us: “ Well, it will not happen automatically. ” No, it does not go without saying, and you really still have to do something yourself, but the solutions that ComplianceWise makes, or whether it be transaction monitoring for banks, Know Your Clients, or Grub for accountants all have in common that they greatly facilitate the user, that a large part is automatic, that the software as a service, machine learning and AI contribute to enormous time savings, cost savings and stress reduction. The adage of Christiaan and he means it: “I really want ComplianceWise solutions to be unburdened. That sounds like a marketing word, but I know from my own experience what it means if you don’t feel unburdened. ”

3) And there was another an important point that his solutions should meet: demonstrability. You can believe that you are doing everything right, but you must also be able to demonstrate it to the supervisor, to the Public Prosecution Service, to anyone who can come by to see if you are indeed doing it right, in order at least show that you are making an effort to do it right. That is why demonstrability, recording, justification of objective and subjective decisions, it is all standard in every solution from ComplianceWise.

4) Finally, one more self-imposed requirement: future-proof. The solutions had to be future-proof. What does that mean? Well, that you don’t have to start over with every new directive or new law, that you don’t go crazy because ‘your checklist or system’ is no longer correct, and that the solution therefore immediately applies new regulations and new guidelines and adjusts them in your solution without having to worry about it, without having to worry about whether you comply with those new rules. Unburdening.

This is how Christiaan started ComplianceWise with Jeroen Cremer and Vincent Glazenburg in 2013. With success, the company quickly grew and now works for banks and trust offices in 23 countries. Simply by making compliance simple. Integrity is easy was the theme of the company for many years, is actually still the underlying idea. But because many people are sometimes hesitant about innovation, for progress, even for convenience, and so sometimes prefer to stick to ‘square wheels’ and see software as something from aliens or their young nephew, we now say ‘Software as a relief’ (oh yes, someone told us that accountants hate English terms, is that right?). Because with ComplianceWise software you work simply, intuitively, completely, demonstrably, and future-proof. A relief.

And then Christiaan Dappers spoke to Endymion Struijs, registered accountant, member of the NBA, and he told Endymion about ComplianceWise. Almost immediately Endymion indicated: “This is what we are missing, this is what we need, can you create a Wwft solution for accountants?” Eh yes. But we did not act overnight. We spoke to dozens of accountants, regulators, politicians, compliance experts in accountancy, and together with them Grub was formed. Of course we wanted Grub to comply with our own rules of the game:

Completeness. You may have already done something about the Wwft, but until now there was not a single tool with which you comply with all the guidelines. With Grub you do, you fully comply with all Wwft laws and guidelines and are therefore 100% Wwft-compliant.

Convenience, working with Grub is simple, partly automatic, and with that unique. A few golden nuggets: client identification arranged automatically in 3 minutes, mandatory client monitoring is automatic, you don’t have to do anything else. Client continuation has thus become a breeze. And with Grub alerts you will be notified in real time of changes at clients in the Chamber of Commerce register. You no longer have to search for it yourself, that goes without saying.

Demonstrable. Do you ask users: “If the BFT is on the doorstep today, do you open the door with peace of mind?” Everyone who uses Grub says the same thing: “Sincerely yes.”, “Absolutely.” Why? Because you know that with Grub you are 100% Wwft-proof, and because you can prove it with 1 push of a button.

Future-proof. The new and amended guidelines continue to follow each other continuously, also from the European Union. That makes the Wwft difficult to grasp, it is a living thing. The great thing is that all new guidelines are automatically integrated into Grub, you don’t have to worry about them.

Hence the phrase “Even Grubben”. Four points contained in one sentence, as simple as they are bold. Grub is entirely in line with the philosophy of ComplianceWise, the philosophy of Christiaan Dappers, helping accountants to easily comply with the complicated Wwft rules, not with a plaster or a cloth for bleeding, but by really helping so that accountants To be able to optimally perform the assigned (gatekeepers) role by the government and the Public Prosecution Service. The great thing is that you feel that when you step into ComplianceWise. The enthusiasm, the drive to assist accountants, for example also with setting up the Grub Academy, with which accountants, customers of Grub, are kept informed about the Wwft and other important (compliance) matters, where they can learn more from Grub to achieve, and even easier to work with. When you talk to employees of ComplianceWise you experience that drive, you feel the professional seriousness, converted into human pleasure.

“In fact, every accountant should work with Grub.” The great thing is that we don’t even have to say it ourselves. Read the interviews with some of our clients, listen to experts such as Anke Feenstra (Attorney and partner at Hertoghs Advocaten), Bouwe Algra (Accountant and advisor to the Novak Trade Association), Joris Joppe (advisor at Visionplanner) and also the idiosyncratic, everywhere this spring award-winning Arnout van Kempen (compliance advisor for accountants, columnist Accountant).

And then we have Jeroen Cremer (partner at ComplianceWise), this spring he has about 60 Wwft webinars given, countless 1 on 1 demos. Indefatigable. And the great thing is, he is ready to talk to you when you return from vacation, about the Wwft, about the laundry list of guidelines, and about how Grub will help you, so that you know one thing for sure: the next holiday is your Wwft in order.
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See you soon.