“With Grub you do everything possible to comply with the Wwft.”

He was approached via LinkedIn, followed an online demo and has been using Grub for some time now: Jack Fleuren of Fleuren MKB Consultancy about what Grub offers him.
Jack Fleuren accountant

Accountant Jack Fleuren van Fleuren MKB Consultancy

“Before I used Grub, I initially had no frame of reference with regard to the Wwft. And also no sparring possibilities. In other words: I wanted to comply with the Wwft, but actually I did not know exactly what I had to comply with, and there was no authority that could tell me clearly what I had to do. ”

The BFT step-by-step plan?

“Yes, I received a step-by-step plan last year by registered letter from BFT. I have made a checklist in Excel based on this step-by-step plan. And before I started with the annual work of a customer, I first completed this checklist and then made a risk estimate per customer. But to be honest: you do not know whether such a self-made checklist has sufficient weight. You are actually in the dark. ”

Why did you switch to Grub?

“It is very simple: with Grub you know that you meet all the guidelines of the Wwft, the program is relatively simple and affordable. The customer base is clearly mapped out in one go with regard to the assigned risks.

Plus: with Grub it will also be easier to consult with a customer to make the identified risks negotiable and to reduce them to an acceptable level.

And last but not least: it is easier to reject customers with an unacceptable risk profile. You do control from the front and not repressively. ”

Do you have the feeling, from a moral point of view, that with Grub you can properly fulfill the gatekeeper role devised for accountants?

“Sure. In my practice I can safely say that entrepreneurs want to earn money in a fair way. I now see that confirmed by working with Grub. I like that! On the other hand, you also do not want to accept customers who are not so strict with the rules. The good thing about the Wwft and Grub is that they protect you from unexpectedly doing business with customers who have less good intentions. ”

You are a member of trade association Novak, would you recommend Grub to other accountants?

“I would definitely recommend it. With Grub you can fulfill the obligations of the WWFT in an efficient and effective way. ”

So you feel unburdened and dare to say with confidence: let the supervisor come?

“Absolutely. With Grub I have done everything possible to comply with the guidelines of the WWFT. That does feel reassuring. ”

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