Why as an accountancy firm you need to digitize and automate to stay relevant.

7 questions for Robert van Doorn of Sanacount Business and Tax Advice.

Sanacount Business and Tax Advice has been nominated for the Exact Cloud Awards, an award for administration and accountancy firms that put innovation and online collaboration high on the agenda and that play a pioneering role in the accountancy world.

  1. What does this nomination say about your office?

“It is a confirmation that we have taken good innovative steps, a reward for all the investments we have made in making our company and our working method future-proof.

  1. Is innovation in accountancy a choice or a must?

“The accountant will eventually be almost completely replaced by, for example, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Innovation in this field is therefore not a choice, but a must in our opinion! Automation is a tool, not a goal. It allows us to free up time from our advisors and create value for our clients in a new way.

  1. What does it mean to be a pioneer in the changing accountancy world?

“The role of the accountant / bookkeeper will change significantly in the coming years. Sanacount has chosen at an early stage not to wait, but to respond immediately to the change in its role for customers and in society. So we don’t see ourselves as a pioneer, but rather as an early adapter. We believe that digitization and automation are essential for the survival of any company in this industry. ”

  1. Grub contributed to your nomination. Why?

“One of the questions in the registration form for the Exact Cloud Awards concerned the question about recent developments within the company that you were proud of. In our answer to this, we mentioned Grub. Given the role that legislation and regulations play on our services, it is essential that we have our affairs in order. Grub is essential in this. ”

  1. What is Grub an answer to?

“Until recently, we carried out our Wwft checks on paper. This was (1) inefficient, because there was (unnecessary) a lot of print, write and scan work and (2) less reliable because we were never completely complete and, for example, did not monitor changes in the structure of companies. In these times, also in the context of the fight against money laundering and our responsibility towards society, it is essential for a self-respecting firm to fully comply with the Wwft. ”

  1. Why is Grub essential?

“Grub has ensured that we can meet all our WWFT obligations, centralized in one complete, user-friendly and efficient tool. It saves a lot of time, because it automates time-intensive checks, such as negative media, mapping the organizational structure and PEP checks. Plus, also a big plus: the fact that Grub gives a signal when something changes in the Chamber of Commerce. All that’s left for us to do is answer the “regular” questions and evaluate the results Grub has found. ”

  1. What makes Sanacount the office of the future?

“Entrepreneurs and people who are our customers know that their affairs are in order, partly thanks to our tools. They also feel that we have time left to really be of value to them. We think along, see opportunities and risks, provide information so that our customers can make the right decisions. But we also look further: with our tools and our principles we want to contribute to the proper and safe functioning of society. ”

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