“With Grub we do Wwft checks better and more efficiently.”

Henry Joosten ANB Accountant Adviseurs

Henry Joosten van ANB Accountants/Adviseurs

Last week, Full Finance published the results of a large-scale investigation into providers of Wwft solutions. Grub came out as the most complete and most complete solution, and overall as “Best Buy”. Henry Joosten of ANB Accountants / Adviseurs recently started using Grub, what is his experience?

“I previously worked in the Trust sector. At that time, the Wwft was already applied much more strictly there than in the accountancy sector. And what was particularly difficult: there were constantly tightening up, so you never knew if you had it in order. I now see the same thing happening in the accounting sector. The regulations are becoming stricter, enforcement is becoming stricter, and you can also see the number of tightening sequences occurring faster and faster. You can close your eyes to that, but we felt it was wise to look for supporting software. Without that software it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to comply with the rules.

“To be honest, I also understand the resistance of some firms. You are a service provider, customer is king, and the Wwft requires you to ask (new) customers quite strict and controlling questions. Nevertheless, I think it is good that we as an accountancy sector take this task seriously. Unimaginable amounts of money are laundered every year. Entire economies are disrupted by it. If all that money were to surface, a lot of world problems could be solved. It is therefore very understandable that a government wants more control over these money flows.

“I therefore also think that we should not see compliance with the Wwft as a burden. In fact, the rules of the WWFT are also there to protect your own office against all kinds of financial malpractice from clients. You can see that as self-interest. But if every financial “institution” were to do this, we would all contribute to a less criminal world. And, not unimportantly, it strengthens confidence in the financial sector.

“I started working with Grub as a result of an online demo. I felt that this could be the application with which I could become optimally Wwft-compliant. Look, if you first did your Wwft checks manually, and now largely automatically with a clear workflow, which makes the checks much better and also much more efficient, well that was not a difficult choice. To be honest, I did not know that there were other providers as well, so it is nice to hear that Grub is also seen by an external party (Full Finance, ed.) As “best buy”. It strengthens me in the thought that with Grub I can confidently look forward to a possible arrival of the BFT. ”

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